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When you call make sure you have the BRAND and MODEL of your fridge or freezer and a brief description of the problem. From regular service to emergency fridge repairs, Melbourne Fridgeworks are domestic refrigeration specialists. Contact us today for honest, reliable service and advice.

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Simple Tips for Keeping Your Fridge Clean


There’s no denying that our fridges can get pretty gross from time to time, with the storage of all manner of foods and leftovers in there. Cleaning the fridge isn’t necessarily on the top of many people’s lists for fun activities either, so it’s often a job that gets forgotten about until it becomes a necessity.


Thankfully, we’ve found some tips that make it easier to keep your fridge clean and make the inevitable cleaning process not so bad. Although these tips are great for general suggestions, it’s always important to check the manual of your refrigerator before you start the cleaning process. Every fridge is different, so you must follow any guidelines that the manufacturer provides to ensure your fridge is taken care of correctly.


Give the Jars and Bottles A Wipe Down


These are the culprits of the spills and oily residue in the fridge, so rather than waiting for them to get really bad and leave a mess, why not wipe them down instead? You’ll find that giving a quick wipe to your jars and containers will save a lot of mess down the line and prevent any major spills from occurring.


Do A Once Over With Your Weekly Shop


There’s no need to do a huge clean of your fridge all the time as long as you put in a little work each week. The best time to do this is before the weekly grocery shop when the fridge is nice and bare. Wipe down the sides and shelves with an antiseptic spray, and you’re good to go.


Absorb Smells With A Natural Ingredient


If something has gone rotten in the fridge, it can be hard to remove the smell from the fridge. Sprinkle a layer of bicarbonate of soda onto a dinner plate and leave it on the middle shelf for a few days until it’s absorbed the smell.


Put Dates on Everything


Our fridges can quickly become cluttered, and within that clutter, we lose sight of a lot of old products. Keep a date on things like stock and jars of sauce so that you know exactly when they were opened. This makes it easier to take items out and throw them away, without having to give them the smell test.


Keep the Edges Clean


People often forget about the edges when cleaning their fridge, but they can end up costing a lot in repairs if you don’t. Wipe the edges down regularly and keep the seals clean so that they continue to work well. Don’t be afraid to get in there with a toothbrush if you can’t reach all the way into the grime.


Call in the Experts


For all types of repairs on your fridges and freezers, the team at Melbourne Fridgeworks are the people to call. We offer same day repairs and even have an emergency service should the worst happen at an unthinkable hour. Call us today on 

0413 740 871 to see how we can bring your fridge back to life in no time at all.