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When you call make sure you have the BRAND and MODEL of your fridge or freezer and a brief description of the problem. From regular service to emergency fridge repairs, Melbourne Fridgeworks are domestic refrigeration specialists. Contact us today for honest, reliable service and advice.

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These Problems Could Explain Your Refrigerator Leak


Mysterious water pooling on the floor of your kitchen is never a welcome sight. While the sink or dishwasher is often to blame, a faulty refrigerator may be the culprit behind your most recent puddle.


If you suspect your refrigerator is leaking water, it�s important to address the issue ASAP. Your refrigerator may be leaking because of any one or more of the following reasons:


1. A blocked defrost drain


This is a good place to begin your leaky refrigerator investigation, as it is the most common cause behind water pooling underneath a fridge. This small drain responsible for removing water gathered during the defrost cycle of your fridge from the drain pan can easily become blocked by ice or pieces of food.

The result: an overflow of water that pools onto the floor.

Homeowners can tackle this issue by flushing the drain with hot water, but calling in an expert who really knows what they�re doing is a much smarter choice!


2. A cracked drain pan


It�s also possible for the drain pan beneath the refrigerator to become cracked. Examine the pan carefully if your refrigerator continues to leak despite unblocking your defrost drain, and replace it if there are any signs of damage.


3. A refrigerator that isn�t level


Unless your refrigerator is even on the ground, the drip pan can leak because the appliance is tipped to one side.

Grab a friend and ask him or her to tilt the fridge back ever so slightly so that you can access the legs (don�t tilt the refrigerator too much or else this can cause more problems). Unscrew the front legs by a couple of turns to give them a bit more height, or place a shim beneath each to make it level.


4. A defunct water filter


There are a few reasons why your water filter may be leaking:

  • Poorly or improperly installed
  • The incorrect size or model for your refrigerator
  • Aged and damaged

An older water filter may have cracked housing or seals which will need to be replaced. Follow the manufacturer�s instructions to prevent any further leaks.


Get help with your leaky fridge from Melbourne Fridgeworks .


Servicing the metropolitan Melbourne area, Melbourne Fridgeworks has the training and experience to tackle leaky refrigerators and freezers of all major domestic brands. Available by appointment and in emergency situations, we are committed to providing our clients with prompt and professional service and repairs.


Have a chat with a qualified Melbourne refrigerator technician today for helpful advice or to inquire about an appliance repair today at 0413 740 871.